Anti-Virus service delivers a fast, simple and effective endpoint solution to help protect devices against these threats. Combining lightweight agents, cloud technology and our expertise, this robust and reliable managed Anti-Virus service is backed by industry-leading technology from Trend Micro, to safeguard your infrastructure. As with all Secu - Secure Services, there is no requirement for any additional software license, hardware or support purchase.

Market leading Anti-Virus protection

Web threat protection stops viruses and threats from the web before they reach your business.

Full service support as standard

Secu - Anti-Virus are fully backed by experienced security engineers and best-of-breed technology, providing your business with service set up assistance, best practice security, automatic updates/upgrades and email support.

Easy deployment

The deployment of Anti-Virus consists of 3 steps. a) Preparation of the MSI package, b) testing and c) roll-out. After a successfull test you deploy the client to the rest of the organization using Microsoft SCCM or other software management systems.

Customer web portal

The administrator will login via Secu secure web portal to access, monitor, and install agents on all protected computers.


The solution is provided through our own dedicated Virtual Data Center, which will guarantee maximum up-time.


• Office computers
• Remote computers
• Laptops
• File servers
• USB devices
• Wi-Fi connections


• Viruses
• Hackers
• Spam and spyware
• Bot, rootkits
• Phishing
• Data theft