Vulnerability Management Service

The risk of a security breach is increasing. In order to address the continuously changing vulnerability landscape, Secu is offering our Vulnerability Management Service.

The Vulnerability Management Service is a fully hosted and managed solution. It is based on the SecurityCenter from Tenable, the leader in continuous network monitoring. Vulnerability Management Service will help businesses address vulnerabilities and reduce the risk. This cost effective service allows organizations of all sizes to respond to Internet threats and vulnerabilities without compromising with internal key business processes.

Vulnerability Management Service accelerates and simplifies vulnerability and compliance management with a single console managing scans and providing advanced analytics and dashboards. The unique combination of active scanning, passive PVS detection, and log analysis that discovers and classifies IT assets across the enterprise, provides organizations with comprehensive visibility across the enterprise.

Option: CAS (Critical Alert Service)
By adding Secus Critical Alert Service to the Vulnerability Management Service, you will receive an alert when a new threat is discovered. Based on the collected data, including service versions in your perimeter, our own developed tool will alert you when a threat is discovered that is relevant to you.

This is done on a daily basis through automated sweeps of publicly available reports on new vulnerabilities, combined with a manual review of new exploits.

Key Benefits

• Improving security position
• Lower total cost
• Reduces exposure to high-risk vulnerabilities
• Reduces downtime

Key Features

• On-demand vulnerability management
• Internal and external scans
• Customizable views
• Customizable alarms/warnings
• 24x7 access to scan results and scheduling
• Accurate and detailed vulnerability reporting