Hotline Security Service - Flexible

Hotline Security Service - Flex gives access to a flexible support-plan. Based on your needs, a general level of support is chosen. The level can be adjusted subsequently. The agreement will cover all products that Secu supports wthin the chosen response level and the selected number of fixed support hours.

Support and troubleshooting

Get in contact with Secu helpdesk through mail or phone, and consultants will begin resolving the support case, within the agreed response time. A level of response time and supportbundle is chosen, based on individual requirements.

Access to Secu web-based support portal

On the Ticket Management Portal, you can create support tickets, and follow the status. If you choose to contact Secu Helpdesk through phone, our 1. level support will create a ticket on this portal.

License management

Licenses related to products and solutions covered by the agreement are registered. Upon expiration or upon significant changes a notification is induced.

Key Benefits

• The agreement is not limited by the number of systems, users etc.
• The agreement will cover all products, supported by Secu
• The agreement will run for 1 year, or until the maximum support hours are spent

Key Features

• Level 3 support is covered for minimum costs
• Support and troubleshooting
• Access to Secu web-based support portal
• License management