Secure Web Gateway

Managed Secure Web Gateway is designed to provide comprehensive security protection to help you reduce risks associated with online vulnerabilities. Our service can help protect your online transactions by managing your secure web gateway devices. We help manage your total cost of ownership by providing around-the-clock device monitoring and management and access to experienced, certified analysts to help you maximize the value from your security technology investments.

The basic service plan

provides a powerful monitoring service, which also collects data for capacity planning. Further it supports configuration backups of the managed systems, so you can recover a system failure anytime.

The advanced service plan

covers the features necessary for you to focus on the rest of your IT infrastructure. Besides monitoring and configuration backups, all system components are updated automatically, after the appropriate testing. Standard configuration changes are included, and once a year we review the managed systems, ensuring a healthy and capable installation.

Key Benefits

• Around the clock monitoring
• Operational efficiency
• Decreased security and compliance threats

Key Features

• Automatic Updates and upgrades
• Always up to date
• Performance data reporting
• Yearly configuration health check