Penetration Test

As hackers become more creative in their methods and vulnerabilities more sophisticated, the need for a systematic review of the corporate network arises. By testing the computer system, network or web application, Secu Penetration Test finds vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Thereby vulnerabilities are discovered in time, confidential data is not lost and systems are not put out of operation. A Penetration Test can explore internal security policy compliance, employee’s security awareness and an organization's ability to identify and respond to security incidents.

The execution of Secu Penetration Test consists of 3 steps:


The security consultant gathers information about the computer system, network or web application, and prepares the manual and automated scanning.

Test period

The Penetration Test is conducted over an agreed period, where vulnerable applications are identified and weaknesses are verified.


After completing the analysis the security consultant will analyze all findings and a final report is compiled. The report provides a practical and impartial recommendation to fix the vulnerabilities that is identified - quick and cost effectively.

Key Benefits

• Uncovers the level of security
• Independent check of your IT security by experienced security experts
• A technical report with a checklist for eliminating the found vulnerabilities
• Flexible: planned and carried out in relation to the costumers expectations and needs

Key Features

• Easy to use
• You receive a detailed and clear and concise report of the findings
• Reliable and verified scans
• Identifies unknown malware and compromises